Member Feedback

What out of town OA Members have said about our last OA Birthday Party.

I have been in OA for over 30 years and have attended WS conventions, retreats, marathons, meetings all over the world and my home meeting and I have never been to anything that has this level of consistent recovery from so many speakers. At first I was a bit hesitant about registering for the hotel and the Birthday Party, I didn’t quite understand but I went ahead, tried it and the registration online was pretty easy and painless. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys attended fun and inspirational OA events. The Friday night plays are The Best.

— Margie G., Dundee, OR

The birthday was fabulous. After 25 years of abstinence, I was looking for reinvigorating my program. And I found just that in the longtimers panels. They kept repeating one day at a time, each and every one of them, and I realized, once again, how important it is for me to hear other’s recovery. The entertainment was a blast. Thank you for putting on a well run, entertaining, and program reviving weekend.

— Dana H., Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you to your group for putting on such a wonderful event. I really knew we were in the heart of Entertainment Central when we were treated to your fabulous rendition of “Sound of Music” You all really put your heart and souls into that production. When we got back to Seattle we sang the OA version of “My favorite things” to our meeting group and had them sing along. It was great fun.

My only complaint about the conference was I couldn’t possibly get in all that you offered. So I downloaded and bought some CD to hear when I got home. Other than that Great Job!!!

— Eileen, OA Seattle/Bellevue, WA

It was a wonderful experience. The sessions were good – the best were the long-timers. Not only was there a lot of wisdom and experience, but they stayed on track to the subject and talked program. I found in some of the other sessions that there was more personalization that I was not interested in. I don’t mind hearing personal stories if I am learning how the solution of the steps, tools and higher power fit into them. I have a complete set of tapes – excellent.

— Renee Y., Tuscon, AZ

It’s a great time for both recovery, rest and renewal. I hope to go again soon.

— Dodie H., Albuquerque, NM

When I read of the birthday party a couple of years earlier, I said, I’m going to that for the 50th and set my sights on doing so, abstinent or not. Well, turns out I was not but was trying, just hadn’t reached that point of surrender I needed to find.

The connections with so many recovering and recovered people, so many I felt I knew on a personal level from their shares, I hugged their necks tearfully and felt a part of something I lived 3000 miles from and I just wanted to share it with everyone (and have). Oh and did I mention that play…FABULOUS, I wanted to sing with them so badly and perhaps someday will.

Let’s fast forward again, 6 more months to today; I got out of a 3 year relapse on March 12, 2010 and the recovery I witnessed in person at the birthday party had everything to do with that. I’ve got 146 days today and a 33 pound weight release which pales in comparison to the emotional and spiritual healing that took place in my 1st 23 years in recovery.

I purchased the recordings before leaving and have them in my back pocket all the time, I carry LA with me everywhere I go.

An affirmation pops up on my phone everyday at 11 a.m. saying, “I feel safe, protected and loved as my body changes” – well that’s what I felt at the L.A. Birthday party and I owe that to all of you, my fellows trudging this road of happy destiny.

Thank you will never be enough for the service the LA intergroup provides at this level, a birthday party, to celebrate what brought me to a place that has saved my life, reminded me who I was before the pain, shame and guilt that accompanied compulsive overeating for me. I’ll say it anyway though, thank you and I hope to see you next year!

— Linda H., Vicksburg, MS

What I’ve been telling everybody is that it was a fabulous experience — everything was perfect!  I am hoping to make it an annual event (for me) and am encouraging others from Calgary to do the same.  It’s a nice little break from the snow and ice.

To be more specific about what I appreciated:

  • it was easy to get from the airport to the hotel — no need to rent a car
  • the hotel meals were pretty reasonable (for a large hotel) and had good quality abstinent food available
  • there was a 7-11 (or something) within walking distance to get bottled water, soda, etc.
  • the weather was spectacular!
  • the flowers were absolutely gorgeous!  — even along the boulevard when I was walking to the 7-11
  • seeing Rosanne was very meaningful for me — just hearing her voice and reflecting on how, if it weren’t for her ….
  • the musical show on Friday night was fabulous — so professional and so much fun!
  • all the speakers were excellent.  They seemed well prepared, focused and shared very powerful messages of recovery.  I appreciated the culture in California which appears to be to qualify every time you get up to the mic.  We absolutely do not do that in Calgary.  We are very shy to mention our weight loss, in particular.  Not sure what that’s all about.
  • the company doing the recording was very helpful about explaining things to someone like me (non-technical) and about shipping to Canada — also reasonably priced
  • I also bought a set of CDs from some intergroup (can’t remember which) that was selling them in Ways and Means Room.  Also bought a few fridge magnets.  Thought there might have been a larger selection of things to take home for my buddies but not a big deal.
  • the meals that were included with registration (can’t remember what they were) were excellent!
  • the price for the weekend was EXTREMELY reasonable!
  • the instructions for registering and paying on-line were so easy that even I could do it
  • the registration at the convention was quick and easy
  • everyone was so friendly and helpful!
  • Once I realized I couldn’t possibly hear it all, I just ordered the CDs.  My friend and I split the cost of the CDs so they were very reasonable.
  • being in the midst of so much strong recovery was truly inspiring!  I had never seen 700 COE’s in one place.  In spite of the large numbers, I felt “one of”.  The energy in the rooms was noticeable as was the commitment to recovery.
  • my recovery definitely got a boost by attending this convention — I am still feeling the positive effects of it!
  • on Sunday afternoon, we took the trolley to the beach — had lunch — went shopping — came back to the hotel and watched the Academy Awards — a perfect day!  Loved the fact that we were actually in LA and so were the awards!  We really understood that yes, it was raining!
  • the hotel gave us the convention rate for our room Sunday night.  We headed out Monday morning.  Everything was perfect.

Many thanks to the organizing committee — last year’s and this year’s!!

— Judy from Calgary

For me the birthday party was a life-changing experience. Because of finances I was only able to go because it was a gift from a dear friend who so strongly supports my recovery. Attending the most recent region 2 convention in san mateo [because i was able to drive each day] just reinforced for me what a spectacular event the birthday party was. Since you asked, let me tell you the things that were most valuable to me.

  • the meal speakers were available to everyone even if they couldn’t afford the hotel meal. i can not say strongly enough how much that matters.
  • refrigerators in the rooms. i took a bus to trader joe’s the first night and along with the things i’d brought with me was able to buy food for all of my meals. i never had to leave the hotel again [i couldn’t bear to miss a minute] and i didn’t have to pay hotel prices or compromise my food plan.
  • the opening night entertainment was spectacular ! if only it could have been recorded.
  • the longtimer panels. i went to every one and still listened to them all again [we have a meeting with a tape/cd library]

thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event !

— Jennifer B., San Francisco, CA

I so loved the birthday party. Thank you for all your hard work. I loved the different workshops, especially the creativity ones. My God Box is delightful. I enjoyed how open and friendly everyone was. What a treat to be able to attend. I do, however, have a HUGE “THANK YOU!!!!” to you all in that the speaker meetings were accessible to those who didn’t attend the meals. Anyway, I walked away being really grateful to you all. So…….THANK YOU AGAIN! PB&J, (no—not that stuff)

— Peace, Blessings & Joy
Diana G., New York, NY

I had a great experience and have nothing but positive things to say about it. Being that it was the 50th birthday was pretty amazing. I have been in OA since 1991 and just to be a part of this celebration was very humbling. To see so much recovery was very inspiring. The workshops were well organized. The meals were great. Thank you.  Thank you all.

— Elaine C., Phoenix, AZ

It took me over four years to get to my first LA Intergroup Birthday Party… and now I hope to make it an annual retreat to share with my two friends who were willing to drive down (the 5-plus hours) from Monterey County last January.  The recovery I was immersed in for 3 days was remarkable.  I left “changed” and renewed.  Even today, 6 months later, suggestions, expressions and the hope I heard during the conference still cross my mind.  I am so grateful to you for the boost in recovery this conference supplied me.  In fact, it’s because of what I experienced with you in January, I will be visiting LA again in a few weeks for the OA World Service Conference.

— Gratefully (beyond words)
Sally A., Carmel Valley, CA

I was new to recovery from compulsive eating and behaviors when I heard about the 50th  OA Birthday Party in 2010. Although I had been isolated for a great deal of time prior to coming to OA, I was so filled with hope when I started going to meetings in November 2010 that I decided I had to go to the Party. I thought going to the Party would help lay a good foundation for my recovery and I was more right about that than I could have ever imagined.

I didn’t really know anyone in my meetings yet, but I was very grateful to find out that one of the women in one of my meetings was also going to the Party. I thought that I would be able to walk through my fear of being around strangers for the duration of the weekend because there would be so much I would gain from the experience and I could, at the very least, see one familiar face. As it turned out, I invited another woman to join me, (which she did), and I felt even better about going.

As a newcomer, I have to say, this was one of the best things I have ever done for my recovery. I learned so much listening to the speakers and I was so amazed at how there was something for everyone and how “A-PART-OF” I felt. I really enjoyed the open meetings too. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I was very impressed with how organized everything was, which made it easier to follow what was going on.

Not only did I see the woman I had met from my meeting, I felt that she made special attempts to help me to feel at home. I felt that she mentored me throughout the entire event.

I really enjoyed everything the Party had to offer. I have to say that I especially enjoyed the comedian. I can’t remember having laughed so much in so long because I was not laughing for a long time prior to coming to OA.

I met people from all over at the Party. I actually met other woman from my area in Washington State who are now my friends in recovery. One of the women I met from my area later became my OA sponsor and walked me through the 12 Steps. To this day I walk my sponsees through the 12 Steps the same way this wonderful woman walked me through them because, one day at a time, I have remained abstinent through Higher Power’s grace, my Step work, and with the help of others in OA.
I also met a wonderful woman who lives in California. She and I have become the best of friends. She inspires me to be the best I can be in my recovery and she mentors me spiritually. Although I have not yet seen her again since the Party, we call each other often and I have no doubt that I will see her again and that she will always be a very important part of my life.

I will forever be grateful for OA’s 50th Birthday Party and I will always do my very best to attend every future Birthday Party I can.

My life has truly been transformed and I thank my Higher Power daily!!!

— Laura K., Everett, WA