Birthday Party Recordings


Birthday Party 2016 Recordings – Now available to the public!

The 2016 Birthday Party has been universally praised as one of the best Birthday Parties ever.

With twice as many Panels, as well as Workshops, Marathons, Special Focus Meetings, a Big Book Workshop and four keynote Speakers (one with over 50 years in program), it is a treasure trove of OA program recovery.

This Birthday Party is now available on either CD or MP3 files. You can either buy the entire set of recordings (over 60 hours of recovery!), or individual sessions in an “à la carte” manner.

These recordings can be found on the website of our authorized recording specialists at All-Star Media here.

A portion of the profits from the sale of these recordings goes to the Los Angeles Intergroup of O.A. to help carry the message to overeaters in the Los Angeles area, as well as around the world via the Los Angeles “Virtual Speakers Bureau” podcasts.

Visit them today!